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The Admissions Test

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Understanding the Admissions Test and how to boost your chances of scoring a top result.


The Admissions test is another component of the application process for most degrees. Tests include the BMAT (medicine), ENGAA (engineering), LNAT (law), and many others. CAAT (who administer admissions test for certain subjects in both Oxford and Cambridge) has signalled a move away from such tests and you can read further about this here.

However, for entry in 2023, all current admissions test will remain as they are. We will, of course, provide updates and advice for the new format once Oxbridge provide us with more information on this front.


Unlike the personal statement, there's only so much advice that we can provide here in a one-size fits all format given the various admissions tests across multiple disciplines. Nevertheless, the same principles apply.

If there are mock tests/past papers available online, work through them. Get your work corrected and, although it's less appealing, focus on the things you got wrong, because this is where you need to improve. Search online for tips and tricks for your specific test, and take my biggest piece of advice, available here, and get in touch with an Oxbridge student doing your degree (who would've completed the admissions test).

How We Can Help

Given the difficulty associated with providing advice applicable to so many different types of examination in one article, Irish To Oxbridge are planning to create a separate section, similar to the Success Stories, whereby there will be a post dedicated to each particular admissions test. These will be written by Oxbridge students who were successful in their undertaking of the exam, and who will be in a key position to provide tips and tricks to boost your chances of success and improve your study techniques.


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